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Are you ready to (re)discover the mojo?

Let me introduce myself—I’m Fiona Davis, and I help businesses build great brands. Thank you for checking in with The Brand Inspiration Co.

Working with me re-energises and excites the spirit, the swagger, and the confidence of you and your teams, to really connect with your customer. Whether you’re just starting out with a brilliant business idea or you’re a well-established brand needing a profitable makeover, my proven approach (developed over 20 years in customer-facing businesses) can work for you.

My colleague Lee Carpenter-Johnson is an outstanding commercial leader. His understanding of trading, buying, e-commerce and digital means he can quickly identify opportunities for you to create a more synchronised customer experience that can lead to significant revenue growth. Together, we make the complex simple, and our ‘know-how’ can be the rocket fuel you need to propel your brand or business to the next level.

At The Brand Inspiration Co. we also work to develop Future Leaders, give something back through Social Enterprise, and have a passion for Diversity and Inclusion. Our expertise in these areas means that we bring even sharper awareness and insight to our projects with you.

(re)discover the mojo
Our approach gets results
  • In Early Learning Centre, a business turnaround from a £7m loss to a £10m profit from the principle of ‘enriching the lives of children’
  • In Wallis, a step up to a retailer seen as standing out from a ‘me too’ high street
  • In BHS, a 20% increase in sales for the target-product category
  • In Ann Summers, fearlessly ‘selling orgasms’ rather than lingerie and toys, saw the business rediscover its mojo, big time
  • In Women in Retail, established the Emerging Leader community, raised the profile of the organisation, and increased thought leadership and the voice for gender, diversity and inclusion in retail.
social enterprise
It works in new contexts
  • We are keen to make a difference by supporting a growing group of social enterprises including non-profit organisations like Once Upon a Doug, a project that is helping women from cotton farming communities in India.
  • Closer to home, through our wide network of friends and contacts, we make local connections, such as with Westminster Business Council and The Chelsea Football Club Foundation, and are introduced to opportunities to give back and positively contribute to people's lives.
  • The Chelsea Football Club Foundation works on a broad range of initiatives focusing on employment, education, social deprivation, crime reduction, youth offending and much more; we are delighted to be working with them and to engage with their community groups to inspire, guide and support their vision.
future leaders
It helps shape the future
  • We contribute to growing the leaders of today and the future.
  • We coach, mentor and share our experience with individuals and groups of leaders throughout their journey.
  • We engage with student groups at Pearson College, London College of Fashion, supporting them in their transition into work. We inspire and stimulate their self belief and confidence.
  • We often lead our talks to young people with this video, Before you feel pressured - WATCH THIS by Jay Shetty. Take a look.
diversity and inclusion
It applies to everyone!
  • Fiona and Lee are both passionate advocates for gender, diversity and inclusion in the retail sector and beyond. They believe that proactively engaging with these issues is both about doing the right thing and delivering enhanced business results.
  • Fiona is a sought-after speaker and commentator on the topic Walking in your customers’ shoes – putting diversity and inclusion at the top of the agenda.
  • Fiona is known for her fearlessness in having the conversations that are needed NOW; she believes that if nothing is changing then the conversation needs to change. If you need to have a difficult conversation about gender, diversity or inclusion in your organisation, she can help you.
  • We've captured Fiona speaking and being interviewed on the topic of The Commercial Advantage of More Women in the Boardroom...

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My approach to developing a winning brand is based on an apparently simple concept—the ‘why’, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. But I’ve found it can reliably persuade the hearts and minds of businesses, their stakeholders, their boards, their teams and their customers to unite in their passion for and belief in the brand with compelling results.

My personal style is insightful but empathetic and energetic. I’ve motivated and inspired whole-business teams in top companies to belief-driven action. I’ve mentored and coached individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses on the path to greatness. I’ve led the transformation of highly commercial brands to achieve qualitative and quantitative shifts in business performance, and we’ve had a lot of fun on the way.

Whatever the nature of the transformation required, I know that I, Lee and our network of expert collaborators have the potential to add significant value to your business. Tell me about the success you want to achieve, and I’ll help you discover (or rediscover) the mojo of your business or brand, for an exciting future.

If you’re ready for an informal chat by phone or over coffee about your brand or business, choose the PINK button to send Fiona a message. If you’re not ready to talk quite yet, click BLUE to learn more about Fiona’s approach and how it could work for you.

“Fiona really changed our brand. Her work that produced our brand essence ‘Fearlessly Unleashing Sexual Confidence’ has helped to create our vision, to make every woman in the world feel like the sexiest woman in the world.”
Vanessa Gold — MD, Ann Summers

“Fiona’s work on the ELC brand transformed the customer experience with the motivating principle of  ‘Enriching the lives of children’. All parents want to give their children the best start in learning and life, and putting play at the centre of our thinking contributed hugely to the turnaround of ELC.”
Mike France — ex-MD, Early Learning Centre

A dynamic step forward for the business, the work led by Fiona allowed us to get even closer to our customer, to develop our relationship with her, and to continue to build on the very special position of the Wallis brand in the marketplace.”
Pat Burnett — ex-MD, Wallis

(re)discover the mojo

The client's story

“I had my Mojo experience a couple of months ago, and it’s taken some time for it to really take effect and for me to explore and absorb the impact of what being Mojo’d is really about. After five years in business I felt a little jaded and unfocused. I knew I needed help but didn’t quite know how I’d get it. Then I was introduced to Fiona and it all began. Fiona is calm and understated in her approach but she manages to get to the deeper aspects of a person by exploring their motivations, vision and journey. It’s an all-encompassing experience which ultimately empowered and focused my business vision. Two months later, I can see the amount of work that I need to do, but I can do it with clarity and purposeful direction. I adjusted the ‘handwriting’ of my business and set a new tone for moving forward. I have clear outcomes and objectives and the most amazing thing was getting my ‘timeline’ in place. Such a basic tool, but one that’s all so easy to forget when in the throws of building a brand. Sometimes we need to be explored to help us draw out our deeper vision and I feel that being Mojo’d accomplished this for Isossy Children. Thank you Fiona. You’re a gem.” Amanda Rabor — MD, Isossy Children

(re)discover the mojo Mentoring

The client's story

“WBC was introduced to Fiona as a potential mentor to join the WBC mentoring programme. We were hugely impressed with Fiona’s track record in turning around businesses and adding value to struggling firms.  She has already made a big impact with the businesses that attend our Mentoring Meet Up and we will continue to recommend her as a source of sound advice and guidance.” Sophie Shrubsole — Westminster Business Council

See Fiona speaking and being interviewed when she co-hosted an evening of conversation on the topic of Walking in your customers shoes in partnership with Westminster Business Council.

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Future Leaders

Fiona has strong connections with Pearson College London and regularly connects with, speaks to and mentors the students – some of our future business leaders. She was very happy to lead a thought-provoking discussion on the topic Retail is resilient at London's Barbican at the kind invitation of Frances Trought, Deputy Vice President Talent Development, Pearson Business School.

The client's story


An extract from the Pearson College blog by Conner Maguire:

"Are high streets really dying, or are they just evolving? This was an extremely powerful discussion led by Fiona Davis, Managing Director of The Brand Inspiration Co., who used current business examples to bring across relevant insight about what companies are getting right, going against the reported trend about the failing high street.This was a useful talk, helping students to ensure they have various avenues of information to allow additional relevancy to arguments that they bring up in their assignments.
Fiona ended by stating that "retail is resilient", an optimistic angle on an otherwise pessimistic topic. Yet when it is considered that businesses need to be brave and visionary, then there still is a strong purpose for the high street, it is just that this role is always evolving."
Read Conner's full article about the event, here.


Diversity and inclusion

The client's story

“Fiona worked in partnership with me to identify and develop the values and proposition. With objectivity and clarity Fiona has guided both myself and the trustees through a process that ensures WiR articulates clearly who and what we are and why. She has then ensured a practical critical path of actions and timescales which has enabled WiR now in its tenth year to attract high profile brand sponsorship and engage and attract the vast majority of recognised major UK retailers. Fiona’s style is practical, structured, open, highly collaborative, focused and commercial. She instinctively taps into the ‘feel’ of a brand and will ensure this is incorporated when bringing the brand vision and purpose to life. Personally I have found Fiona’s insights, hands on style and much needed interventions to be invaluable. I consider WiR after ten years to be in the best place as an organisation and community that it has ever been, this would not have been possible without Fiona.” Karen Richards — Founder & CEO, Women in Retail

See Fiona interviewed for the BBC, representing Women in Retail.

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Or, click here to listen to Fiona speaking in this March 2016 Women in Retail podcast Are you walking in your customers’ shoes?

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