A profitable love affair how to build and sustain a strong brand Fiona Davis

(re)discover the mojo with my book!

“In A Profitable Love Affair: How to Build and Sustain a Strong Brand, Fiona’s passion is to help businesses determine why they exist, what they represent to their customers, and how they can deliver a ‘wow’ experience day in, day out. She shares her experience in building a brand and in translating the world of brands in straightforward language. She demonstrates what it takes to build a successful customer proposition into a successful business… if you are a business owner or in a leading role in a business that requires fresh thinking and a step change in performance, this book’s for you.”
Raymond Aaron — New York Times ‘top ten’ best-selling Author

“…a brand building masterclass. Fiona articulates a wealth of compelling insights that will enable any brand to connect better with their customers as well as evolve with them. Fiona’s passion for supporting businesses to (re)discover their mojo is infectious.”
Celine O’Connor — Head of Central Operations, Blue Inc

“At last! The intellect and warmth of character that Fiona demonstrates on a daily basis has finally been captured and written down for the benefit of others. That is what makes Fiona successful, her love and compassion for others who are making their way through their business journeys. This book highlights some of the key struggles that Fiona faced and allows readers to feel safe in the knowledge that ‘we aren’t alone’. She goes on to raise questions that prompt the reader to assess their own business, and how different approaches both mentally and practically can make a big difference to success. Having seen Fiona in action giving sound advice to fledging business owners, I would encourage anyone to pick up a copy of A Profitable Love Affair.”
Sophie Shrubsole — Head of Corporate Relations & Mentoring, Westminster Business Council

My story describes the parallels between developing and maintaining great personal relationships and building a strong brand for a successful business. Through sharing my personal and business story, along with many real-life examples of great (and not so great!) brand journeys, in A Profitable Love Affair, I help you understand how to create and sustain your own strong brand and keep in touch with your customers’ changing needs — for long term success.

A LinkedIn 'shout out' for the book - thank you @Untilprovenotherwise! "Recently finished this book, “A profitable love affair” How to build and sustain a strong brand by Fiona Davis thank you Kim French for sharing this with me, very inspirational and motivating for someone young within the industry... very educational but heartwarming... definitely recommend! #buildingbrand #motivationalwomen #empowerment"

If you’re interested to know more about how The Brand Inspiration Co. can help you achieve the success I describe in the book, please get in touch. Call me on +44 (0)77 7180 7523 or email me at fionadavis@thebrandinspirationco.comI’d love to hear from you!

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